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Scale Ticketing
Instantly create, pay and print scale tickets in seconds.
Law Compliance
Capture fingerprints, signatures, drivers license and photograph materials automatically. Generate pre-filled police reports instantly.
NMVTIS Reporting
Automatically populate vehicle information, scan titles, report online with one click
Booking & Containers
Ship international containers, generate booking sheets, packing slips, bills of lading, payment invoices and more
Track your inventory in real-time with complete automated precision. Get up to the second inventory, purchase, profit, and sales reports.
Construction & Demolition
Buy, invoice, track and inventory construction and demolition (C&D) materials.
Container Tracking
Track containers, routes, pickup locations, vehicles and more in the field interactively. Access vehicle, driver and container GPS devices.
Cash Management
Track cash payments and cash drawer activity. Stop cash theft.
Employee Management
Manage accurate employee records and payroll with Nexus' built-in employee timeclock with fraud prevention.
LeadsOnline Reporting
Report to LeadOnline instantly with only one click.
BWI Reporting
Report to BWI instantly with only one click.
Texas DPS Reporting
Report to Texas DPS instantly with only one click
Alabama ACJIC
Report to Alabama ACJIC instantly with only one click.
Multiple Payment Types
Instantly pay with cash, check, ATM debit card, ATM machine and wire transfer with one click.
Intelligent Software
Nexus monitors your computer and reports problems to you before they become a problem.
Lowest Cost Software
No hidden feature restrictions, no tiered packages, no modules. Nexus is full-featured, for under $10k. No compliant software costs less.
No Maintenance Costs
We don't charge any additional fees. Once you purchase the software you own it, updates and support are also free.
No Update Fees
Our software updates online automatically, we do not charge for updates, new features or fixes.
Free Support
Support for Nexus is completely free for software issues.
The BEST Software
Nexus is the software people know by name, competitors compare themselves to us. We set the benchmark for quality and precision.

"Nexus, finally an affordable software scale package. We use it for our scrap metal recycling business. It is user friendly and the people behind the product are also. If we have any problems they are taken care of right away because they are only a phone call away. We use it in our shredding operation and get daily reports of purchases and sales. We load containers to go to China and the sales booking works great for this. We have installed it in our Georgia yard and will be putting it in our other 4 locations. The best thing is I can have access to the program from any where in the world."

- Betty Grimmel
- CEO Grimmel Industries
- Georgia, New York and Florida
"The Nexus System is an easier and more reliable way for us to keep records and inventory of our customers. Itís easier for our employees to use compared to our old method of paperwork. The software makers came out and stayed a week to install the system and also provided us with a computer and everything we needed to hook up our scale and be compliant in our state. The company is very involved in this software at any giving time that I might need help with a problem they are right on the situation and solves our problems quickly. This software has many different ways of helping our business. For instance we had a problem with people embezzling money, this software keeps track of how much money is exchanged every day; this allows us to know how much we have in our drawer at any time of the day. Each employee has their own password; this allows us to know which one of our employees gave out money to our customers, and every time the cash drawer is opened, our camera records video of the cash handling. Another great example would be, if a certain person gets more money because they bring in a number of quality cars you can make a special price for them. The Nexus computer system has helped us out tremendously since we had it installed. We plan on using the same software at our other yard that we are opening in the near future!"

- Jill Pick
- Portsmouth Car Crushing
- West Portsmouth, OH
"The Nexus software has allowed our business to expand and grow completely worry free! Its comforting to know the software covers all aspects of the business. From being compliant with current laws to running daily sales reports and booking sheets, this software does it all. And on top of that, the customer service is top notch."

- Nathan Cordner
- Mega Man Metals
- Orlando, FL
"Having just recently opened a metal recycling yard, it was great to have such a reliable piece of software to get our yard running. Knowing we could count on Nexus let us put our focus on where it needed to be, building our business. The built in tools that help meet state reporting guidelines is another area in which Nexus excels. We're very happy to have chosen Nexus as our recycling yard management tool."

- Kris Hesson
Business Development and IT Manager
Just Scrap It! Metal Recycling
- Conway, AK
"As a small metal recycler the Nexus system has proved invaluable as a tracking, money management system for our company. Simple enough to learn in a day, but tracks weights, cash and inventory that can be printed in report form and used by team members at any time. The program prints and records, checks and receipts in a clear clean manner that is easy to read and understand by customers and staff. Any problems or questions we have are resolved with a phone call even though there is no monthly fee for maintenance or updates."

- Jason Kurpinski
Kurpinski Metal Recycling
Jackson, MI
"Nexus is so user-friendly that you barely need to know how to use a computer to use it. With the change in the law in Georgia, we needed a software that would integrate all our systems so that we could be compliant, Nexus did that. Because Nexus is so easy to use, it's allowed us to focus on our business, and not on our software. The free technical support is invaluable."

- Damon Rose
Rand Recycling
Atlanta, GA